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Discover hidden treasures at Hong Kong Golf & Tennis Academy – the city’s best-kept secret in the tropical heart of Sai Kung. Surrounded by mountains and sea, HKGTA allows you to uncover new depths in yourself with exclusive access to world-class golf and tennis training, sports, wellness, lifestyle, dining and accommodation, creating the perfect environment to bond with family, explore interests, be a part of a community and see the world in a brand-new light. Greatness needs a place to thrive – that place is Hong Kong Golf & Tennis Academy.

Explore life’s pleasures

A legacy of greatness

Hong Kong Golf & Tennis Academy is a holistic destination in Hong Kong, uniquely bringing together world-leading sports and wellness partners to give Patrons a space to pursue a balanced and active lifestyle as well as sporting excellence. Complementing our renowned golf and tennis resources are the exceptional grounds, bespoke facilities and unparalleled personal service that inspire the highest standard of artisanal living at the Academy.