Your calling to golf is right here at Hong Kong Golf & Tennis Academy – the most pristine location in the city to elevate your game, no matter your level or experience. Set in a natural retreat, our scenic hitting stations and Nicklaus-designed HKGTA Short-Game Course bring golfers the ideal grounds to challenge and improve your game, alongside a choice of climate-controlled coaching studios, technologies such as Toptracer Ball-tracing Technology and our gold-star coaching team.

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PGA of America Learning & Performance is one of the world’s largest sports organisations, composed of nearly 29,000 PGA Professionals who work daily to grow interest and participation in golf. The organisation conducts premier spectator events in the world of golf including the PGA Championship, KitchenAid Senior PGA Championship, KPMG Women’s PGA Championship and the Ryder Cup, inspiring individuals of all ages and backgrounds to learn and play the game.

Tailored coaching programmes


The philosophy behind our junior programmes is to develop athletes first and competitive golfers thereafter. The most important goal is to foster a love for the game by creating a fun and challenging environment in which to learn.

Private lessons are available for junior players who wish to concentrate on their individual needs, whether through a single session or a series of lessons in an encouraging atmosphere. We concentrate on drawing the very best performance from each junior golfer, helping them to reach their potential as a player and an athlete.

Our PGA Youth Development Programme takes a total beginner and instils a sound understanding of the fundamentals of the game through a series of 12-week courses. The curriculum covers everything from learning the swing and putting skills to the importance of footwork and speed. Students also lean the history of the game and essential etiquette whilst improving fitness levels and overall athletic development.

The Player Development Programme helps junior players learn and enhance their golfing abilities and align them to specific goals. It also provides an opportunity for them to practice outside of scheduled lessons. Players may also track their progress not only with their instructors, but with the CoachNow platform as well.


HKGTA’s PGA Junior Performance Team is a group-based coaching programme that encourages learning and skill development through a curriculum designed specifically for junior golf teams. Training is overseen by professional PGA coaches, with sessions including on-course, short game and hitting station instruction.

The Performance Team is carefully structured to offer junior golfers the very best support in improving their abilities in a team-based environment, while also preparing them for advancement to the Elite Team.


The PGA Elite Boys and Girls Team curriculums are designed to give every player an opportunity to excel by assisting them to reach new levels within their game. The Elite programme sees players work on their mental training and course management skills, alongside perfecting all types of shot-making essentials for elite-level play.

Each team member is fully assessed prior to the programme’s commencement, enabling our PGA coaches to compile the information required to enhance the quality of learning and performance, while building bespoke practice schedules.

The Elite Team learns in a group-based environment while also being supported by a personalised programme taught by PGA professionals, utilising state-of-the-art technology. This programme incorporates specialised fitness training to ensure that every player is at their peak performance and always tournament-ready.

World-class training

The Team

David Freeman
Director of Instruction
Lead Instructor
Aaron Sy
Advanced Certified Instructor
David Cai
Advanced Certified Instructor
Sharon Li
Certified Instructor


Sam PuttLab Professional Putt Training System

World-leading putt coaching and training system with complete analysis of all relevant putting aspects, offering a selection of training modules and a 3D-Putt replay module.

K-Vest 7-Sensor Technology Analysis

Only human motion learning system with wireless system that instantaneously measures golfers’ power signatures and 3D data, supplying data for bespoke training.


Designed for real-time feedback, the FlightScope X3 Elite monitor includes a tracking radar to accurately measure ball and club movements for performance analysis.

Swing Catalyst Video Analysis

Powerful video analysis software that allows golfers to stream live video images from a range of cameras, including high-speed cameras that provide up to 500 fps.

Balance Plate Technology

Equipped with 2,000+ high-resolution pressure sensors, this technology provides detailed foot pressure data, accurate pressure distribution and real-time centre of pressure patterns.

Toptracer Ball-Tracing Technology

Brand-new ball-tracing technology that captures and displays ball flight in real-time, creating an engaging, tech-driven experience that appeals to seasoned players as well as first-time golfers.