Mario Aldeguer Joins HKGTA to Elevate Tennis Training

HKGTA proudly welcomes a new acclaimed tennis physical trainer, to their coaching team. With an impressive history of guiding athletes to championship glory, Mario’s expertise promises to enhance The Academy’s tennis programme.

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At HKGTA, a new era beckons as Mario Aldeguer steps onto the court, bringing with him a formidable legacy of athletic excellence and coaching mastery. His arrival is a testament to HKGTA’s commitment to nurturing talent and providing world-class training.

Mario’s remarkable journey in tennis physical training has seen him work with some of the sport’s most promising talents. His collaboration with Emilio Poveda, the renowned physical trainer and physiotherapist for top-ranked ATP player Alex de Miñaur, has honed his skills in developing athletes for the rigours of competitive tennis.

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The accomplishments of Mario’s protégés speak volumes about his coaching acumen. Under his guidance, Marta Pico Navarro soared to victory as the Mutua Madrid Open Sub-16 Champion in 2023, also reaching the semi-finals in ITF Junior competitions. His mentorship of Sergio Esquerdo Recuenco was pivotal in the young athlete’s ascent to the Spanish U12 Individual and Doubles Championship, as well as achieving a place among Spain’s U14 top 5 and the 50th spot in the Tennis Europe ranking.

Mario’s influence extends to numerous talents, including Amelie Rosadoro, crowned the Absolute Champion of the Valencia Community, and Ariadna Garcia-Patron Canals, who graced the ITF Junior Grade 5 Finals. Not to forget Blanca Pico Navarro, a key player in winning the Spanish Team Championship.

At HKGTA, Mario is poised to deliver a threefold impact. He will head the coaching of the RNTC Tennis program, sharing his extensive knowledge and fostering the skills of players across various levels. His proficiency will be instrumental in leading the Elite team fitness sessions, where he will employ his expertise to enhance players’ physical attributes—strength, speed, and agility. Additionally, Mario will offer personalised training services, meticulously tailoring workouts to meet the unique aspirations and requirements of HKGTA’s Patrons.

The enthusiasm at HKGTA is palpable as they anticipate the growth and evolution of their tennis program with Mario’s expertise now in play. His dedication to comprehensive physical training and maximising the potential of each athlete aligns seamlessly with The Academy’s philosophy.

With Mario Aldeguer joining the ranks, HKGTA is set to serve up an unmatched level of tennis coaching and athlete development, nurturing the next generation of champions and reinforcing its position as a premier destination for tennis excellence. Join us as we give Mario a warm welcome to The Academy.

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