Golf like a Pro with HKGTA's Revolutionary Revamp


In our unwavering pursuit of excellence, we are thrilled to announce the transformation of our original Swing Suite area into the state-of-the-art Indoor Golf Coaching Studio. With the installation of two new technological upgrades – GC Quad Launch Monitor and the GASP Pressure Plates and Swing Analysis System added to our facility – golfing excellent is readily available for Patrons looking to improve their game of golf.


Indoor Golf Coaching Studio 1

GC Quad Launch Monitor

Used by professional players on the PGA and European Tour, the GC Quad is the gold standard in launch monitors. It offers in-depth feedback on a wide range of metrics, including ball and club speed, attack and launch angles, spin rates, carry and total distances. Not only does it allow for coaches to analyse all shots – from drivers and irons to chips and putts – but it also features 10 virtual 18-hole courses for a truly immersive playing experience.

GC Quad 2

GASP Pressure Plates & Swing Analysis System

The GASP system is one of the leading systems in golf training. With two high-speed cameras, our coaches can evaluate each player’s swing in slow motion from various angles, while also studying the shift in weight distribution during the swing. This valuable insight aids coaches in guiding players to maximising their swing power and overall performance.


The Indoor Golf Coaching Studio is open for private bookings from 1 December 2023 for $300 per hour, with coaching taking priority. A surcharge of HK$100 will be added to all lessons to try out this programme.

Coaching Studio 3 / Wellputt Big Tilt

Based on the needs of our Patrons, we are also excited to debut the remodelled Coaching Studio 3, now a putting-specific studio featuring the new Wellputt Big Tilt XL platform. This digital platform can tilt up to 5 degrees, giving players and coaches a consistent surface and ramp to train on. Equipped with lasers, this new facility provides a wealth of information to aid in training, including aim lines, target points, digital gates, and much more.

This putting platform is now available exclusively for coaching sessions.

WellPutt Big Tilt XL 5

BLAST Golf Swing & Stroke Analyzer

The BLAST Golf Swing & Stroke Analyzer brings advanced insights from tee to green. Used by over 200+ tour professionals, this technology offers instant feedback for players of all levels via a user-friendly mobile app, for better insights on swings, short game shots, bunkers, and putting performances.

CAPTO Putting Analysis System

The CAPTO system is a game-changer in real-time putting stroke analysis. Its 3D motion technology provides comprehensive and intelligible data, making it an indispensable tool for those serious about improving their game.

Capto 4

BodiTrak Golf Pressure Sensing Mat

The portable BodiTrak Pressure Sensing Mat captures every nuance of body movements, allowing our coaches to diagnose and improve various aspects of players’ game.

BodiTrak+Capto+Blast 2

All these upgrades are available now and will be utilised in our PGA coaching during lessons, offering our Patrons an unparalleled learning experience. We invite you to book a session and experience firsthand how these revolutionary improvements within our innovative facility can bring to your game.

We are also pleased to inform Patrons that mirrors will be added to all Toptracer bays on the Ground Floor and 1st Floor of the Driving Range by the end of 2023. We hope that this will assist golfers of all levels with their practice and enhance their game.

In our commitment to support our Elite Junior golfers, we are excited to announce that Taylormade Golf will be sponsoring and supporting our two junior golf teams: the Elite and the Performance golf team. Taylormade will be supporting both our junior teams with some of the best equipment in the industry for their upcoming season of tournaments and practice.

To stay up to date with all the latest happenings in golf and HKGTA, keep your eyes peeled to our social media @hongkong_gta for more information.