HKGTA is thrilled to announce the addition of Coleman Wong, a rising star in the tennis world, to our roster, as Tennis Development Ambassador of HKGTA and Humansa. This collaboration is a strategic step in our ongoing commitment to cultivating world-class athletes. In anticipation of this exciting new chapter, we sat down with Coleman for an engaging rapid-fire Q&A session to get up close and personal with the young athlete.

During our intimate exchange, Coleman offered insights into his early beginnings in tennis, his current training regimen, and his vision for his future in the sport. Coleman discussed the evolution of his career and his plans for growth on and off the court, it became clear that HKGTA is welcoming a new talent who embodies the values and aspirations of The Academy.

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On Tennis and Career Achievements:
HKGTA: Coleman, your success at a young age is inspiring. Could you share with us what first drew you to tennis and when you realized you wanted to pursue it professionally?

Coleman Wong (CW): I realised I wanted to pursue tennis when I first picked up a racquet and felt connected to the sport. The excitement of hitting the ball and the challenge of improving my skills drew me in.

HKGTA: Winning the Orange Bowl at under-14 was a significant milestone. How did that early victory shape your approach to the sport?

CW: Winning the Under 14 Orange Bowl enabled me to realise that some days aren’t going to be playing your best, but you need a strong mind to win the game.

HKGTA: Can you walk us through what it felt like to win your first Grand Slam title at the US Open Boys’ doubles event? How did that victory impact your mentality and goals?

CW: Winning a Grand Slam title is a dream come true which boosted my confidence significantly. It served as evidence of my skills and abilities to shape my mentality.

HKGTA: Following your victory at the Australian Open Boys’ Doubles, how did you manage the pressure to perform and expectations to continue winning?

CW: Managing pressure and expectations becomes crucial for continued success which requires me to stay focused to achieve realistic goals.

HKGTA: Your semi-final run in the Boys’ Singles of the 2022 US Open was historic for Hong Kong tennis. Can you describe what was going through your mind during that tournament?

CW: It was a whirlwind of emotions, thoughts, and strategic considerations. This undoubtedly fuelled my determination to make the country proud.

On Personal Growth and Interests:
HKGTA: Away from the court, what are some of your hobbies or interests that help you relax and unwind?

CW: My hobbies are listening to a lot of music and sometimes playing some video games with my friends.

HKGTA: How do you balance the demands of training and competing with your personal life and education?

CW: Finding the right balance is an ongoing process, and it may require adjustment along the way. It’s important to be patient, resilient, and adaptable while pursuing both athletic and educational goals.

HKGTA: Are there any books, movies, or public figures that have significantly influenced your outlook on life and your tennis career?

CW: Rafa Nadal really influenced my tennis career and also the documentary of David Beckham inspired me a lot too.

On Representation and Impact:
HKGTA: What does it mean to you to be one of Hong Kong’s top tennis players and to be recognised on such an international level?

CW: Being recognised carries immense meaning and significance. It represents the culmination of hard work, and dedication and reflects positively on my skills and achievements.

HKGTA: How do you hope your achievements in tennis will influence the next generation of athletes in Hong Kong?

CW: I hope my achievements will inspire and motivate the next generation to pursue their own dreams. They may also become a role model for the next generation to ensure the continuity of tennis.

HKGTA: In what ways do you think your accomplishments have impacted the perception and popularity of tennis in Hong Kong?

CW: Tennis players achieving significant accomplishments can have a positive impact on the perception and popularity of tennis in the region. This can inspire and motivate aspiring tennis players leading to increased participation and interest in the sport.

On Relationship with HKGTA and HUMANSA:
HKGTA: How does this partnership with HKGTA and Humansa support your aspirations in tennis?
CW: The partnership with HKGTA expands my network and provides exposure to influence the next generation of tennis. Guiding tennis players to navigate their journeys.

HKGTA: What are you most looking forward to becoming the Tennis Development Ambassador of HKGTA and Humansa?
CW: Having partners who share similar goals and aspirations in tennis can create a sense of motivation to work together towards common objectives for tennis.

Future Aspirations and Goals:
HKGTA: Looking ahead, what are some goals you’ve set for yourself both on and off the tennis court?
CW: My on-court goals ahead are to improve performance, win tournaments and maintain consistency for better results. Off the court, I will focus on mental strength such as managing stress, staying focused during matches, and maintaining a healthy balance besides training and tournaments.

HKGTA: How do you envision your career evolving in the next few years, and what legacy do you hope to leave in the world of tennis?

CW: In the next few years, I would like to achieve significant milestones and reach new heights, climbing higher in rankings, winning prestigious tournaments, or competing in major tennis tournaments. In addition, I would also like to maintain consistency and adapt to the ever-evolving demands of professional tennis.

CW: Building a lasting legacy in the world of tennis is a common aspiration for many players. I hope to be remembered not only for my on-court achievements but also for my contributions to this sport and the positive influences.