Coach Pedro's Passionate Play

A year of tennis triumphs, trials and tournaments at HKGTA A wave of transformation is sweeping across the courts of The Academy. At the forefront of this change is Coach Pedro, whose visionary approach is steadily reshaping the landscape of the tennis programme at HKGTA.

“It [feels] like we landed yesterday!” Pedro reflects on his first year at HKGTA, a period marked by a rapid understanding of the unique dynamics of Hong Kong and The Academy. His adaptation was swift and fluid, much like the grace of his own well-executed backhand.

Pedro’s philosophy is holistic, rooted in the belief that the team and the community must come first. “We always have to think as a team and as a small community,” he says, underlining the importance of a cooperative spirit in an individual sport. This balance, between individual progress and cohesive camaraderie, has been Pedro’s strategy in fostering a high-performing team.

In a sport where the spotlight often shines on the individual, Pedro shines a light on the team instead. His approach has already brought significant successes. The Academy finished runner up in Hong Kong’s Junior League, a record achievement for HKGTA, and players flourished both domestically and in international tournaments. Expectations are high for the forthcoming season, with the goal of winning the Junior League and promoting as many players as possible to the top 10 of all junior age groups in Hong Kong.

“Between coaching team first and then passing it to the players and Patrons,” Pedro explains, you create an energy that is central to the success of a programme. This energy, this culture, is the beating heart of the team.

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On the cusp of a training trip to Spain, Pedro is excited about the opportunities this will present for his players. “Experience is the keyword of the trip,” he says, emphasising the importance of diverse practice partners, cultural exposure, and the chance to improve autonomy. The trip to the renowned Rafa Nadal Academy is set to be a transformative experience that the players will surely never forget.

Pedro’s advice to aspiring athletes exemplifies his approach to coaching: “Never consider yourself too good even if you have won something big – it is the first step to improve every day.” This humility, combined with competitiveness, physical attributes, decision-making skills, and a good eye for the game, are the key qualities Pedro believes are essential for success.

As we look to the future of HKGTA under Pedro’s guidance, we see an institution that is evolving, growing, and challenging the norms of tennis training. His vision is clear, his conviction is strong, and his passion is contagious. As he says, “The coaching job is really to motivate everyone’s character the best way they can.” And in Pedro, HKGTA has found a coach who does just that.

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