Hong Kong Golf & Tennis Academy Launches Asia’s First Rafa Nadal Tennis Center

Furthering its commitment to nurturing rising stars in the world of sports, Hong Kong Golf & Tennis Academy is proud to announce the opening of the very first Rafa Nadal Tennis Center in the region, slated to open in July 2022. Aiming to grow talent and support the next generation of athletes in Hong Kong, this world-class facility features seven outdoor courts, one indoor court and two mini tennis courts, and is modelled after the Rafa Nadal Academy by Movistar, located in Mallorca, Spain, where the 21-time grand slam champion was born. Set in stunning surrounds in beautiful Sai Kung, the new Tennis Center represents a significant milestone in the evolution of the Hong Kong Golf & Tennis Academy, drawing in even more talent from around the city and recasting the spotlight on Hong Kong’s sports.

Offering players the chance to learn and train under world-renowned coaches, the top-of-the-line sports facilities will host a wide range of tennis programmes aimed at both adults and children, immersing aspiring athletes in a world-class training environment. The Academy follows in the footsteps of the other Rafa Nadal Tennis Centers located in Mexico and Greece, and will operate by the same scrupulous standards, with state-of-the-art coaches and equipment to facilitate the rise of star athletes, support potential Hong Kong tennis players, and expand enthusiasm and passion for the sport.

An intensive methodology has been developed based on decades of experience acquired by Rafa Nadal and his coaching staff, cultivated through many years of learning on the ATP Tours. The training method, developed by Toni Nadal along with the technical team that has supported Rafa throughout his career, has been refined throughout Rafa’s time on the professional training circuit, and incorporates the use of new technologies, while heeding the evolution of the sport in recent years. This system is regularly updated because the tennis industry is constantly changing with different materials that influence the speed of play (including racquets, strings, balls) and evolving training methods (especially in terms of physical and mental training) where we are seeing stronger, faster and more agile players than ever before on the professional circuit.

The training programme puts a particular focus on start of play, particularly service and return, while teaching players to be more agile and adaptable on the court, able to make fast decisions and think on their toes.

The Academy’s rigorous method focuses on playing first with the “eyes”, secondly with the “mind”, thirdly with the “legs”, and lastly with the “hands”. Training system incorporates the various skills that have propelled Rafa to the pinnacle of the tennis world, including mobility, game intensity, competitive mentality, concentration, and good sportsmanship. Each session on the court follows a clear objective, demanding the highest level of concentration and focus, whether for training or a competitive match. Classes are divided into specific time slots catering to technical, strategic, physical and mental development, allowing players to grow progressively according to their individual needs and skill levels. The programme will be taught by a dedicated coaching team, joining the Hong Kong Tennis Center directly from the Rafa Nadal Academy by Movistar in Spain.

“We’re very excited about this new international project in Hong Kong,” said Rafa Nadal in a statement. “Since the academy opened in Mallorca five years ago, we have always been interested in expanding our methodology to other countries in order to reach as many people as possible.”

In addition to teaching the RNA methodology, HKGTA will feature a Rafa Nadal Shop, allowing players to shop clothes and equipment, while enabling them to look and feel confident on the court. The shop will also feature exclusive Rafa Nadal merchandise for fans to browse. The Rafa Nadal Tennis Center adds to the wide range of recreational activities and sports offerings at Hong Kong Golf & Tennis Academy, providing greater opportunities for our Patrons to improve their skills and elevate their game, while enjoying the most pristine leisure and sports facilities available across the city.