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Bruguera Tennis Academy

High-performance training from the master of the Spanish system.

An academy with a proven system that believes in an holistic approach to training, where all aspects of a player’s life are guided so as to ensure success – where technical, tactical, physical and psychological skills are all covered in a balanced manner.

01Lluis Bruguera

Lluis Bruguera

Coach of Sergi Bruguera (ATP Ranking No.3, 2-time Grand Slam Winner, Atlanta 1996 Olympic games Silver Medalist) and 15 ATP/WTA among top 100 players

  • Captain of Spanish Davis Cup Team
  • General Manager of Spanish Tennis Federation
  • General Director of Turkish Tennis Federation


The Bruguera method employs a comprehensive training system that encompasses technical, strategic, physical and mental development.

The basis of the programme’s success is putting into practice, through appropriate exercises, a style of tennis based on acceleration, attack and defense, balance and footwork. This way, players learn to automatise movements, develop a solid, organised style of play, learn to choose and successfully manage their emotions and relationships.

The Bruguera Method prepares players to compete through a training system that involves technical development, tactical skills, fitness, mental toughness, nutrition and preventive medicine and video analysis. It also develops competitive values such as: leadership, competitiveness, positive mindset, capacity for ongoing learning,
concentration and winning character.

03Tennis Training

Tennis Training

Bruguera Tennis Academy is all about today’s tennis— explosive and quick-fire with precision skills. Our visionary programmes are built around the Spanish system, with a groundbreaking approach that harnesses both physical skills and mental strength. Learners completing each training programme receive official Lluis Bruguera certificates.

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04Our Team

Our Team

Our team comprises experienced, inspirational coaches, and graduates of Bruguera Tennis Academy. Each coach will guide players through the entire system, including tactics, technique, drills and fitness, error analysis and intuitive solutions.

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Lluis Bruguera’s Message

After more than 25 years in training aspirational, professional and amateur players at my Academy in Barcelona, I have chosen for the first time in my career to export our brand to Hong Kong, believing that Hong Kong Golf & Tennis Academy provides a unique, international, and multi-cultural experience.

Our slogan “Your best shot” expresses the commitment that Bruguera Tennis Academy in Barcelona has been maintaining beyond what belongs in the realm of tennis For many years, this commitment specifically referred to our training system, achievements, unique approach of forming the new generation of tomorrow but also to what we believe tennis should be for everyone who start playing with us.

What could be more satisfying than spending your formative years traveling, training, studying, competing and/or experiencing with Bruguera Tennis Academy in Hong Kong. I believe that Bruguera Tennis Academy will provide an excellent platform, a mixed culture and world-level training within an outstanding venue for its players.

Because of this, Bruguera Tennis Academy will continue to be “more than just an academy” both in Barcelona and in Hong Kong, across numerous cultural, social and educational aspects.

To end, I am convinced that Bruguera Tennis Academy will participate actively in changing the landscape of high-performance sports training in Asia by creating a global platform for developing and educating the next generation of athletes. Our European system of training utilizes established and proven methodologies that will benefit everyone from mini tennis to high performance athletes. And with the unparalleled support of Hong Kong Golf & Tennis Academy, training here will become a must for Hong Kong tennis lovers.

Come and join us to bring up your game to the next level and bring out the champion within.

Enjoy the game. Embrace the process,


Founder & Director

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