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Unleash Energy, Harness Creativity.
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For the most important people in your life.

Children learn by exploring their environment at a pace that is uniquely their own. At Hong Kong Golf & Tennis Academy, we believe each child possesses a different kind of mind and therefore learns, remembers, performs, and understands differently. The Kids Academy is especially designed to stimulate, enthuse and encourage participation from kids of all ages with activities, games and adventures covering 8 learning styles:

• Picture Smart • Thinking in terms of physical space (Visual-Spatial)

• Body Smart • Body awareness and using body effectively (Bodily-Kinesthetic)

• Music Smart • Show sensitivity to rhythm and sound (Musical)

• People Smart • Understanding and interacting with others (Interpersonal)

• Self Smart • Understanding self, interests and goals (Intrapersonal)

• Word Smart • Using words effectively (Verbal-Linguistic)

• Math Smart • Reasoning and calculating (Logical-Mathematical)

• Nature Smart • Natural interest in the environment (Naturalist)

Caring and experienced staff help to tailor, guide and supervise a range of exciting activities to promote inspired holistic learning and growth. Healthy and yummy snacks are also provided. Parents can fully enjoy their own sports health and wellness time at Hong Kong Golf & Tennis Academy free of kids and worry.