Code Of Conducts

1. Patrons and their guest should always show consideration for others at the range and should not disturb their practice. Patrons should ensure that where possible, devices such as cell phones are turned onto silent mode.
2. People should not stand too close or directly behind the bays when players are practicing.
3. Patrons and their guest should only take practice swings inside the bays or hitting stations.
4. Although children are welcomed on the range, it is the Patron’s responsibility to ensure the safety of your child and that the child adheres to the etiquette of the range.
5. HKGTA and Nicklaus Academies will not be held responsible for loss or damage sustained to property belonging to any Patron and/or their guests.
6. Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
7. Patrons and their guests shall not go beyond the forward yellow line at the hitting stations.
8. Patrons and their guests shall adhere to the Dress Code.