American born Billy Martin is a member of the PGA of America since 1991 and the Director of Instruction and Education for the Nicklaus Academies in the USA, Korea and Japan. His training began by working with Jack Nicklaus, and studied how to coach the game under great coaches like Jack Grout, Jim Flick and Gardner Dickinson. With over 30 years of professional experience under his belt, he has been a passionate coach developing players on 5 different professional tours and contributed to the advancement of teachers in the PGA of America, Korea and Japan as well as teaching in China. Billy has coached Jennifer Song, who won the United States Women’s Amateur Championship and, currently as a member of the LPGA Tour. With a strong passion for the golf world, Billy wrote for Golf Digest, Golf Magazine, Par Golf, and Golf for Women in Korea and Japan and hosted a golf TV show with J Golf TV in Korea for 3 years.

Billy Martin
Director, Jack Nicklaus Academy of Golf

A graduate in Professional Golf Management from the Mississippi State University, Shay Robert Smart is a USPGA Class A professional since 2000, a TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) certified golf instructor, and a Harold Swash accredited putting specific instructor. Shay is fluent in English and conversational Mandarin which enables him to teach people in different languages. Prior to Hong Kong Golf & Tennis Academy, Shay was Director of Instruction at Joe Thiel Golf Academy in China, Director of Golf at Palm Island Resort in China for 6 years, Teaching Professional at Sea Island Golf Club in USA for over 3 years, and Head Golf Professional at Glen Lakes Golf Club in USA for 3 years. Shay has coached both Kitty Tam and Michelle Cheung of the Hong Kong National Junior Team, and Wen Yan Ma of the China Guangzhou Junior Team.

Shay Robert Smart
Lead Instructor, Jack Nicklaus Academy of Golf

A native of South Africa, Mareli is an outstanding player and was a multi-sport competitor in high school. Mareli brings her experience and passion as a student, a player, and a coach to HKGTA patrons of all ages and abilities. Her tertiary background includes sports and exercise science, biomechanics, sports psychology, nutrition, and coaching children in golf.

Mareli Joubert
Staff Instructor, Jack Nicklaus Academy of Golf

With a degree in Sports Management from Eastern Illinois University, Chloe is a seasoned golfer who began her sporting career in her university’s Women’s Golf Team. Her involvement in intercollegiate sports and her experience volunteering with numerous major golf events (including the PGA Tour Canada from 2014-2015, Hurricane Junior Golf Tour) have afforded her unique insights into varsity athletics and tournament coordination. A committed academic and an accomplished athlete, Chloe was nominated as a candidate for the America National Collegiate Athletic Association’s coveted “Women of the Year Award”. Young, passionate and ambitious, Chloe strives to unlock the potential of every aspiring patron of the Jack Nicklaus Academy of Golf.

Chloe Wong
Staff Instructor, Jack Nicklaus Academy of Golf