HKGTA is proud to announce our newest prestigious golf partner – the PGA (Professional Golfers’ Association of America).

Here at HKGTA, we strive to provide the best services for our patrons, and are always looking for fresh opportunities to enhance our sports education programmes – which is exactly why we have partnered with PGA.

As one of the largest sports organisations in the world, PGA is internationally renowned for its golfing expertise, passion and talent; they are responsible for arranging a wide range of premier events for professional golfers, along with significant philanthropic outreach initiatives and award-winning teaching programmes. Through our partnership with PGA, we hope to take every HKGTA patrons’ learning experience to a whole new level


Shay Robert Smart, PGA

Director of Instruction

Shay is a USPGA Class A professional since 2000, a TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) certified golf instructor, and a Harold Swash accredited putting specific instructor.


Chris Bronson, PGA

Elite Instructor

Chris Bronson has been a PGA of America Member for 23 years.  For the past two years Chris has been Director of Instruction at Tsai Hsing Golf Academy in Taipei, Taiwan having developed and implemented all golf programs for over 1000 students.


Mareli Joubert, SA PGA

Lead Instructor

With over a decade of professional golf coaching experience, Mareli’s experience and passion, along with studies encompassing sports and exercise science, biomechanics, sports psychology, nutrition, and children’s golf coaching make her a valuable addition to the HKGTA team.


Chloe Wong

Golf Instructor

Chloe is a seasoned golfer who began her sporting career in her university’s Women’s Golf Team. Her involvement in intercollegiate sports and her experience volunteering with numerous major golf events (including the PGA Tour Canada from 2014-2015, Hurricane Junior Golf Tour) have afforded her unique insights into varsity athletics and tournament coordination.