Hong Kong Golf & Tennis Academy Charity Foundation works with young athletes using the passion for golf and tennis to educate, motivate and inspire.

Established in 2014 as a local charitable institution, we aim to serve the Hong Kong community through various sports and sports wellness programs. We deliver coaching, educational programs and personal development, providing opportunities for children and young people to lead active, healthy lifestyles.

We want to see every talented young player gets the opportunity to learn and continue playing golf or tennis even when resources are limited. To encourage emerging talent and to help them realize their full potentials.


To motivate, inspire and nurture children and young people to achieve their full potential through participation and excellence in sports.


Committed to partnering with local communities and sports organisations to improve access to sports, and encourage more children and young people to enhance their personal development and adopt an active lifestyle.


New World SpringBoard

In 2015, "New World Springboard" is partnering with Hong Kong Golf & Tennis Academy Charity Foundation to offer long-term support to under-resourced communities, enabling them to unleash their full potential in sports through partnerships with different community organizations. With the ...

STEM Programme

Catering to primary and secondary students, the programme encourages participants to explore the correlation between STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) and sports. HKGTA’s most recent initiative, this holistic educational experience provides students with a strong foundation ...

Rising Stars Programme

As the only sports academy in Hong Kong offers both the Jack Nicklaus Academy of Golf and Bruguera Tennis Academy under one roof, HKGTA launched its training programme in December 2016 to identify and nurture rising golf and tennis starts in Hong Kong with the presence of world tennis champions Michael ...

HKGTA Charity Foundation Active Youth Grant

The grant programme offers funding to community organisations to help children and youth to nurture a love of sports and build up their independence and self-confidence through active participation in sports and live a healthier lifestyle. Previously, the grant has been awarded to Sailability Hong Kong, ...

The HKGTA Team was created to help aspiring players reach their full potential. Coming from different backgrounds, team members are selected for their sporting abilities and offered fully-sponsored training.