Exploration and inquisitiveness are the key to meaningful learning and emotional development. Every child learns in their own style and at a pace that is uniquely theirs. Early sports learning is the perfect forum for children to develop ideas of their own capabilities and potential beyond sport and in all aspects of life.

At Hong Kong Golf and Tennis Academy, we know that each child is unique in their personality, ways of thinking and learning. While geared towards providing a foundation in golf and tennis skills, the Kids Academy is designed to stimulate, enthuse and encourage participation from kids of all ages with activities, games and adventures. Geared towards providing a foundation for golf and tennis skills development, we cover 8 learning styles:

Picture smart

Learning to think in terms of physical space, and applying this skill to the court and the course is vital in becoming a strong competitor.

Body smart

Building awareness of the body’s strengths, improving fitness, developing balance and understanding movement is essential throughout sport.

Music smart

Showing sensibility to rhythm and sound and applying this skill to the swing of the racquet and the club.

People smart

Cooperating, collaborating, emphasising and supporting others helps children learn to become more effective competitors.

Self Smart

Gaining a deeper understanding of the self, appreciating strengths and weaknesses allows children to make the most of their present capabilities and future potential.

Word Smart

Through gaining a basic understanding of golf and tennis terminology, children learn to use words effectively and become better communicators.

Maths smart

Working with golf and tennis scores helps children improve reasoning and calculation skills on the fly.

Nature smart

Developing a curiosity about the natural environment by experiencing how various conditions impact play.

Caring and experienced staff help to tailor, guide and supervise a range of exciting activities to promote inspired holistic sports learning and growth. Parents can fully enjoy their own sports health and wellness time at Hong Kong Golf & Tennis Academy free of kids and worry.

Our camps offer more than just a personalised approach to learning golf and tennis. The camp is a great way to make friends in a fun environment at the same time as intensively working on golf and tennis skills.
From beginners picking up vital swimming skills to competitive swimmers who want to optimise their stroke, our five-star coach Training and Development Centre has facilities for all levels of ability.
Understanding coding allows learners not just to make use of, but to truly understand the inner workings of the technology that powers modern life. Through an age-appropriate, carefully planned curriculum of project based learning, students build a solid foundation in computational thinking.
Artistix encourages every child to approach the world through their own unique perspective, engaging different types of intelligences; visual, logical, mathematical and linguistic. The programme helps develop interpersonal, spatial, musical and bodily-kinesthetic skills and much more besides.
Using robotics as a fun gateway to STEM education, Underwater Robotic Fun allows learners to build a basic remotely operated vehicle, or ROV, and learn its operation. The workshop culminates in a competition testing the student’s ROV driving skills!
Giving children a boost in confidence, we provide age-appropriate western, Chinese dining and party etiquette classes for children aged four to eight years. The programme introduces the essential elements of etiquette over a three-course meal, appropriate manner at the dinner table and proper usage of utensils, all of which will help children to become welcome guests at any party.