About Eliteswim Academy

Eliteswim Academy is a premier swim school founded by record-holding Hong Kong champion swimmers Kent Cheung and Gary Wong.

Drawing on their many years of experience and accomplishments, Kent and Gary have created a range of exceptional swimming programmes dedicated to fostering all-round excellence in the pool and creating a safe, positive environment that encourages a life-long love for the water.

Eliteswim classes cater to every age and ability, from total beginner to competitive training and performance, with a focus on balanced learning, perfecting technique, gaining an in-depth understanding of water safety, and unleashing every student’s full potential.

“Good things come to those who work hard.”

Our Mission

One of Hong Kong’s leading swimming academies, Eliteswim aims to provide authentic, world-class swimming programmes that deliver outstanding value and consistent results.

Taking a truly holistic approach to coaching, their carefully structured programmes tackle all aspects of performance in order to fully nurture an individual’s talent. With a firm grounding in sports science and medicine, they focus on the importance of technical and psychological development, as well as fostering a unique sense of self-motivation.

Their team of qualified teaching professionals believe in constantly challenging their students to be better, faster and more confident in the water – the key to producing future champions, both in the pool and in life itself.

“Never settle for less than the best.”

Our Team

All Eliteswim instructors are internationally accredited with at least four years of teaching experience in English-medium educational settings – a gold-standard of coaching that sets them apart from many Hong Kong swim clubs.

With first-hand experience of competing internationally, Eliteswim coaches understand exactly what it takes to build a winning mentality, supporting students with psychological and tactical training, seasonal planning and racing techniques that can help give them the edge in competition.

Coaching takes place in small group settings, allowing instructors to tailor their classes more effectively and ensuring plenty of one-on-one attention for each student – the highest quality of instruction, proven to deliver exceptional results.

Our Facilities

HKGTA’s world-class swimming facilities include a 25-metre indoor heated swimming pool, outdoor swimming pool, Jacuzzi and steam rooms.

A pool-side spectator area is also available, allowing parents to watch their children’s progress first-hand.

Our Swimming Programmes

Eliteswim’s comprehensive swimming programmes support aspiring swimmers from absolute beginner through to elite level to acquire new skills, refine technique and achieve confidence. Offering group and private training sessions, each rigorously structured programme incorporates holistic elements of sports science and medicine, technical development and sports psychology to empower students, motivating them to become the very best swimmers they can be.

In a safe and positive environment, students are taught to master a total of six distinctive and progressive swimming stages – with the ultimate goal of proceeding to competitive training if desired. Offering a strong focus on water safety and technique development even from a young age, all Eliteswim coaches are trilingual in Cantonese, English and Mandarin.


Eliteswim’s Beginner programme focuses on building students’ water confidence from the ground up, by teaching all the necessary skills required to be a successful swimmer. This includes creating a strong foundation in essential components such as water safety and learning how to breathe comfortably when underwater, as well as fundamental swimming techniques such as body position awareness, and forward reach and extension. Beginner classes may be taken in isolation but are also designed to progressively lead onto the next stage of instruction.


Building on the fundamental skills learned in the Beginner sessions, Eliteswim’s Intermediate programme enables students to advance their swimming journey by incorporating a broader range of strokes. Through targeted lessons, students are coached extensively in freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke, thoroughly learning the technical aspects of each stroke before putting these into practice in the pool. The Intermediate programme also dives further into water safety, giving students the tools and techniques required to ensure they are water-safe even when unaided.


Eliteswim’s Advanced programme consolidates all prior learning, reinforcing the techniques and drills already learned, while adding in the more complex butterfly stroke. Quality of stroke, technique and performance is prioritised over simply accumulating distance during training, with students taught how to avoid injury and burnout, and cultivate a strong sense of self-motivation. This programme aims to prepare students to eventually join the Elite swim team.

Private Swimming Lessons

Those who prefer a completely bespoke approach to training may wish to explore Eliteswim’s private swimming lessons. Offering one-on-one coaching completely tailored to each students’ individual needs, private lessons offer a more intensive coaching experience that will quickly and efficiently enhance technique, develop skills, improve weak areas, and build confidence.

Suitable for learners at all levels and ages, private swimming lessons are a particularly popular choice for adult swimmers, as they can more effectively and flexibly accommodate complex scheduling needs – a perfect choice for those who lead busy lifestyles.

Youth Master Swim Team

Eliteswim’s Youth Master Swimming Team operates under the principle that a great team is built upon the commitment and support of our coaches and swimmers, their families and friends, the Academy itself and the wider community. By setting both individual and team goals, swimmers are encouraged to be proud team members who compete at local and international competition level. Regular social and team-building activities help to nurture team cohesiveness and cement group bonding.

With an extensive training and coaching background that sets Eliteswim apart from other clubs, swimmers under our guidance learn to improve technique, perfect their strokes, starts and turns, and engage in swimming-specific dry-land training. The team also benefits from seasonal planning, mental training and racing techniques to give them that extra competitive edge.

Master Adult Swim Team

Eliteswim’s Adult Master Swimming Programme works towards competitive and fitness goals through a varied programme of vigorous workouts. The focus is always on working hard and having fun, while consistently striving to improve technique.

Eliteswim’s expert coaching team hails from a wide variety of swimming backgrounds, including former age-group competitors, competitive high school and collegiate members, triathletes and open-water marathon swimmers. Although the majority of swimming team members do choose to compete throughout the year, there is certainly no pressure to do so.

Kent Cheung
Co-Founder, Aquatics Manager

“Science-based techniques pave the way for elite swim training.”

Champion swimmer Kent Cheung has competed in some of the world’s most iconic swim tournaments, winning medals at the Asian Games, Asian Indoor Games, East Asian Games and World Cup Swimming Series. He is a current Hong Kong swimming record holder.

Certified by the American Swimming Coach Association, Kent also holds degrees from the Chinese University of Hong Kong in Sports Medicine and Health Science, and Sports Science and Physical Education.

Gary Wong
Co-Founder, Programme Director

“Building a passion in swimming is a lifelong pursuit.”

Gary is a 2014 FINA World Cup gold medallist and ten-time winner of the Outstanding Hong Kong Male Swimmer Award. During his illustrious swimming career, he broke eleven Hong Kong swimming records and competed internationally at both the Asian and World Swimming Championships.

With a string of teaching qualifications from the American Swimming Coach Association, AUSTSWIM and Hong Kong Amateur Swimming Association, Gary is also the Assistant Coach for the University of Hong Kong’s swimming team.