Rejuvenate and recharge with an array of HKGTA Wellness treatments by THIA Wellness which helps athletic patrons reach fitness and sporting goals. Restore your wellbeing and boost your athletic performance in the serene environment to establish a balanced lifestyle.


As Hong Kong’s foremost destination for holistic sports and wellness, HKGTA is dedicated to enabling our patrons to live their best lives – not only in terms of achieving full sporting potential, but also by supporting their lifelong journey to all-round health, fitness and wellbeing.

As such, we’re thrilled to introduce another fantastic service provider to the Academy – THIA Wellness, who joins another of our tried-and-trusted partners, Joint Dynamics, in cementing our wellness pillar of services. THIA Wellness offers a multitude of new classes and exclusive facial and body treatments specifically designed to relax, revive and re-energise patrons, leaving them ready to achieve their maximum potential both on and off the sports field.

While Joint Dynamics’ bespoke personal training and sports therapy offerings focus on physical maintenance, targeted fitness and the more technical side of sports wellness, THIA’s tailor-made services concentrate on overall holistic wellbeing to ensure every aspect of mind, body and soul is fully nurtured and sustained.

Created with a vision of promoting “community, integrity and authenticity”, THIA is the brainchild of Barry White, a wellness pioneer with decades of experience in the hospitality, spa and fitness industries. A Hong Kong ambassador for Global Wellness Day who has personally overseen the creation and development of dozens of leading hotel, resort and spa projects, we can think of no one better to spearhead HKGTA’s world-class wellness experiences.

THIA Wellness will be operating all of HKGTA’s adrenaline-pumping Zumba and yoga classes, delivering multi-faceted sessions that promise to improve flexibility, balance and coordination, while boosting confidence, performance and overall fitness.

Female patrons wishing to refresh and revitalise their complexions can indulge in THIA’s customised luxury facial treatments, which utilise highly effective products from renowned Austrian vegan skincare brand Vinoble. Meanwhile, male patrons’ facial grooming needs are fully tended to with dedicated products for men by Gentlemen’s Tonic.

Of particular interest to our sports-loving patrons is THIA’s signature massage experience – perfect for loosening any knots gained after a hard day on the course or court. Fully personalised to your specific needs, this treatment uses a bespoke blend of 100% essential oils, along with your preferred pressure and massage style, to completely unwind both mind and body.