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Where Craftsmanship meets Contemporary Healthful Living

The Artisanal Movement is a journey of expanding one’s imagination through our persistency on delivering bespoke craftsmanship manifested by originality. Whether it’s a sculpture or even a handshake, we are devoted to creating exceptional experiences and gathering the best from around the globe to escalate modern living standards. This is why we have created Hong Kong Golf & Tennis Academy. From the exquisitely sculpted greens to the personalised training programmes, we deliver a constant stimulus for both intellect and emotions. Drawing together our individual creativity and contemporary bespoke lifestyle for the sport-conscious artisan in you.

Set in Sai Kung’s stunning natural countryside, Hong Kong Golf & Tennis Academy provides a new benchmark in aspirational training and facilities for sports lovers near and far. As a holistic sports and sports wellness destination, we not only offer tailored programmes from two world-renowned training academies but also provide beautifully crafted ancillary facilities in support of sports wellness. These especially designed ancillary wellness facilities, overnight accommodation, dining and leisure opportunities are inspired to nourish and revitalize.

  • Our Vision

    To create an outstanding community of sports wellness that elevates the importance of a sporting lifestyle in Hong Kong. A place for sports lovers to gather, to be trained and to excel.

  • Our Mission

    To establish a world-class training ground with state of-the-art programmes and facilities for golf and tennis enthusiasts to pursue excellence and wellness.

Sports Advisory Council

HKGTA Sports Advisory Group has been established in January 2017 to provide strategic advice and recommendations to
the Hong Kong Golf and Tennis Association (HKGTA) in areas related to sports talent development and sports wellness
promotion for Hong Kong.

The Sports Advisory Council is composed of members including distinguished and veteran sports guru together with representatives from schools, neighbouring districts and units.


  • The Group will provide strategic guidance and advice to HKGTA regarding the promotion of golf and tennis to
    sports lovers in general and for nurturing and training of future champions representing Hong Kong in the short,
    medium and long term
  • It will offer specialist advice to facilitate the inclusion of neighbouring units as well as school sectors to identify
    talented sports players of the future and to give them the necessary training required for them to reach international
    competition standards
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HKGTA Green Advisory Council has been established since in January 2017 with an aim to promote sustainability development in environmental and stakeholders ‘wellness. The advisory council will also offer specialist advice to the HKGTA in areas of green education for young people as well as sustainability development on a whole.


The duties of the Green Advisory Council are divided into four major perspectives:


The GAG is composed of three major stakeholder groups, including the management of HKGTA, local green groups and schools.


  • To identify facilities which are possible to make green improvements and recommend improvement measures
  • To establish and review energy saving, waste management and low-carbon goals
  • To monitor and formulate up-to-date energy saving, waste management and low-carbon strategies
  • To oversee operational policies to make sure they comply with HKGTA’s green visions


  • To provide education, information and advice to staff members on environmental and sustainability issues through organizing workshops, trainings or other activities
  • To promote and develop a green culture among staff members
  • To encourage staff members to share common values and devotion towards a sustainable future
  • To empower staff members to take proactive steps and contribute as a part of the green solutions


  • To monitor environmental conditions of HKGTA
  • To improve ecological value in HKGTA to establish a synergy with greeneries of the surroundings
  • To encourage and promote appreciation of flora and fauna in HKGTA


Be Among The Greats.

Our patrons are a distinguished group of individuals and corporations devoted to the potential and
importance of golf and tennis with a passion for the pursuit of excellence in sports.

Our ambition is to create an outstanding community of sports wellness, centred around golf and tennis, that
elevates the importance of a sporting lifestyle in Hong Kong today and for future generations to come.

Ultimately, a place for sports lovers to gather, to be trained and to excel.

We welcome you to share the ideal and pass it on to your next generation.

As a valued part of this community, Patrons receive exceptional access to tailored programmes from
two world-renowned training academies, state-of-the-art sports facilities, a total wellness approach,
and bespoke dining and leisure experiences.

Make a difference now! Contact the Admission Office at +852 3110 8823 or email enquiry@hkgta.com
and speak to an Academy Ambassador today.

If you wish to have a tour at the Academy, please click here to fill up the Expression of Interest Form

Getting to HKGTA


Hong Kong Golf & Tennis Academy is conveniently located along from Hebe Haven off Hiram’s Highway and between the villages of Wu Lei Tau and Pak Kong, about 40 minutes drive from Central and 25 minutes from Tsim Sha Tsui.

Public Transport

  • 1 and 1A green minibuses from Choi Hung MTR station
  • 101M green minibus from Hang Hau MTR station
  • 792M bus from Tiu Keng Leng MTR station
  • Taxi
  • Minibus
  • Bus


Take in Hong Kong’s beautiful other, where natural beauty meets traditional customs and an old world respect for taking life slow.


  • Discover igneous and sedimentary rocks on a 50 square metre geological walk across the Hong Kong Global Geopark of China
  • Hike Sai Kung Peninsula up to High Island
  • Explore the New Territories via the Ma On Shan trail, also known as the Sai Kung West Country Park
  • Hire a sampan from Sai Kung’s waterfront jetty and sail to Kiu Tsui Country Park landing at Half Moon Bay for a dip in crystal clear waters
  • Buy seafood from boat sellers at the Sai Kung waterfront
  • Take a heritage tour to Hung Shing Temple on Kau Sai Chau Island, where restoration of the 120-year old temple is UNESCO recognised.


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